Cold Storage Firm Wants To Solve The Food Supply Chain’s Biggest Problem

U.S. supply chains suffered massive disruption in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Vulnerabilities across different sectors were suddenly highlighted, including the fragility of essential food production, storage and consumption. As restaurants closed their doors to dine-in customers, demand for bulk ingredients began to fall. The food service companies that supply restaurants cut back on orders from farms, but the production of agricultural goods continued. Farmers typically provide their products to processors and food service companies in bulk. But the food supply chain’s inability to pivot from bulk packaging to consumer-sized packaging meant that the surplus of products […]

Birmingham Business Journal: Provender Partners investing $9M for Birmingham renovation, eyes potential new development

A California investor in food-related industrial buildings is making a big investment in its new property in Birmingham. Provender Partners is investing $9.1 million in a renovation project at 400 Industrial Drive, Unit 1, after acquiring the property for $20.2 million last month. Design-build construction company Primus Builders, which is based in Woodstock, Georgia, is the general contractor on the project. The building includes 230,000 square feet of cooler space and 185,000 square feet of freezer space. Provender Partners is also looking into developing about 20 acres of vacant land on the site for additional cold storage space, […]