Most food users prefer to use their capital to grow their business as opposed to investing in real estate whether that be owning, expanding or upgrading facilities.



Our strongest differentiator is that we assign value to “specialized” food improvements, where others penalize them. As a result, we are more competitive in the amount of the improvements we are willing to finance.

We have expanded our investment vehicle and build buildings to suit (BTS) and lease back to the tenant. A focus of the BTS program is middle market food manufacturing companies. Our experience on the front end of the “food revolution” with meal kits and other “new” food companies uniquely qualifies us to underwrite and finance these companies and their real estate.

We are a specialized operator, experienced in industrial real estate, food user demand patterns and refrigeration systems.

Provender Partners is the only operator that is 100% dedicated to food. We are comfortable with vacancy, major renovations and development. We believe the only way to be successful in the food space niche is to be fully immersed in it. Due to our 100% dedication to the sector, we have developed proprietary processes and procedures that are specific to our product type culminating in an expertise in asset management specifically targeting FRIB.

Our specialized expertise in the food space coupled with one of the strongest sources of capital in the industry makes Provender Partners your ideal partner.